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Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Vacation of a Lifetime – Wish It Never Ended!

By Steve Madigan

Have you ever taken a vacation and had the time of your life?

If you have not, you still can take a magnificent vacation that is beyond your imagination. I have been lucky enough to take one of these vacations and I can tell you that it is a shocking experience.

I took a vacation to San Diego, California, for the Junior World Golf Championship. At that time I had never been to California but I had the feeling that I would have the time of my life. My parents would go with me to watch me when the championship was being played.

The day before the tournament, there was a parade of flags for all the contestants of the tournament. There were young men and women from everywhere in the world. As we would walk, the announcer would tell the audience where we were from. I met a lot of young adults from all over the world and I felt a level of comfort with them beyond belief. I was even able to meet some of their parents and I introduced them to my parents as well.

From that point on, I had no tension in my body whatsoever. I felt so relaxed, as if I was in a dream.

I happened to find myself in the top 10 as the second round came to a close on Tuesday. As the days of the tournament went on, my parents and I would get calls from my relatives who were keeping track of me online telling me that they were so proud of me.

That warmed me up inside my body to know that people do care about what I do in life. I ended up finishing in a tie for seventh out of 186 young men from all around the world. My parents would not be quiet of how proud of me they were (which not a bad thing) but we came together on an emotional level that I never experienced before.

I was hoping that this vacation would never end and I could always feel this way.

This was my dream vacation and I could not think of a better way to have it.

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I am a high school senior, and will be attending NMSU in the fall of 2007. I have co-authored an e-book with my dad “Putt Lights Out”. This is the first article that I have written for my site. I have traveled all over the USA each year in the summer for golf, and really enjoy that.


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