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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Holiday Work- A New Option

You have been there, seen this, done that... What next? You have plenty of both money and vacation time; Then, there are still some things that you can do, which would make for an interesting vacation while at the same time enable you to give something back to society. Whether a medical professional or a person with building skills, there are plenty of avenues where your skill and expertise can be utilized to help community. There are also programs which need you to work by the side of the members of the local community.

All over the world there are a lot of openings in orphanages, homes for the aged, in schools and to work with the disabled, for you to take up what suits your interests while volunteering your services. Such useful jobs will be an inspiration in themselves while also instilling gratitude in you for what you have got in life.

Natural disasters like the tsunami have wreaked a lot of damage and no amount of help both physical and financial seems enough. There are still large expanses of beaches which need to be cleared, and many of the displaced people still need to be habilitated. People with building skills can be of much help in such situations.

For those of you who would rather work in projects which involve ecology, there are many opportunities too. These range from planting more than two thousand saplings towards reforestation in Kenya, to clearing beaches in Sri Lanka, and fencing to protect wildlife in Australia and working towards preserving the Croatian Griffon vultures. There are also other projects like the one undertaken by a voluntary group for the past one year to rehabilitate sick penguins in order to re-introduce them to the wild, in South America, or in Costa Rica where turtle hatchlings are let out.

Holiday work by way of teaching English to those for whom it is not a local language is another option. Organizations are there which offer training in sports and basic education to children in countries which are under developed. There are also rehabilitation centers for children who are drug addicts.

Having a good time, while also helping others is a great way to spend one's vacation. This is a definite way to spread goodwill and show the world that Americans do care.
Opting for this sort of a vacation could often take you to a place which you may have never had a chance of visiting otherwise. You would have a great time, and go back with the satisfaction that you have helped to make things better for the people of that community, and done your bit to spread peace and harmony.

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