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Monday, June 04, 2007

Renting Jets Provides an Excellent Value

Waiting in line to check in at the airport, the harried business executive discovers that her flight has been delayed, meaning that she will be late for an important business meeting. Using commercial airlines can be unproductive if your time is very valuable in terms of the work you do. With delayed flights, long waits in line for security and check in, not to mention the time spent in flight, there are several hours that pass by underutilized. Instead of this frustrating situation, many business executives choose plane charter over commercial flights. Because of their time savings, convenience, safety and comfort, jet rental provides an excellent value for executives.

The time savings you will experience on a jet charter is unparalleled. You will not have to wait in long lines at the airport. Instead, you arrive and a member of your flight crew escorts you onboard. It's that easy. While you are in flight, you will have access to as many assistants as you wish, including temporary workers, secretaries, technicians, legal assistants, accountants, even experts in the fields of catering and event planning, so that every moment of your valuable time is well spent.

The convenience that is yours when you charter a jet will leave you satisfied. Instead of the hassle of layovers and transfers, which are common on commercial flights, you will be able to travel directly to your destination. When using private jets, you will have access to over 6,000 airports worldwide, whereas commercial jets are authorized to use only 500. Charter jets afford you the opportunity to travel to exactly where you need to anywhere in the world, saving you time and conserving your precious energy so that you will be ready for a big meeting at the end of your wonderful charter flight.

Private jet brokers are concerned with your safety, and every measure is taken to ensure that you are protected every time you fly in a Lear jet. All aircraft, airports, and flight personnel should be held to the strict standards as set forth by Arg/US and Wyvern Consulting Ltd. safety consultants, as well as the National Air Transportation Association and NATA First. It is safest to have two experienced pilots piloting your jet who hold Airplane instrument ratings, as well as only flying into FAA- certified airports worldwide. Your safety is your top priority when you fly, and it should be of the utmost importance for any private jet brokerage with which you do business.

You also value your comfort, and you will fly in luxurious conditions on a private jet charter. Hairdressers, masseuses, as well as any five-star cuisine you wish are available for you to enjoy, whenever you like on an executive jet.

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