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Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend In Europe

It is quite simple and easy to plan weekend breaks in Europe. You don’t even have to go forth the place you are sitting on now to book a European trip. Just check up on out the websites of different travel federal agencies that offering weekend Europe packages. Soon you will be flying to Europe more frequently to pass your weekends.

A break from the hectic lifestyle is wanted for everyone. No one likes to retreat to the confines of their home. In fact they want to explore the whole world outside their offices. That is true; we are dealing with more than enough of pressure in our offices. We shall just make the most out of our off days. Getting away from the country literally turns to getting away from everything that puts you under pressure. Now weekend breaks in Europe are quite common.

What makes weekend breaks in Europe so common? It is the advancement in technology and opening up of newer aerial routes between US and European destinations that help one plan a short outing to Europe. The charm of Venice, London, Paris, among many others are a passion for people like me for unknown reasons. Some people may also have nostalgic feelings to visit the motherland of their parents. The idea of flying out of the country also is an inspiration for many.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Travel tips

Perhaps your hotel room was robbed. Here are ways to do certain that your trip is a success in malice of those obstacles. More volition is coming. While you don't have got to be too strict. You should have got a docket and go forth it with person at home.

Your loved will be able to have got a fairly good thought of where you are. You will minimize your losses. Another option is to take a preloaded credit card. Which is really more than like a debit entry card that you set money “on” so that if you stop up losing your billfold the thieves cannot wreck your recognition rating? Bring a telephone figure that volition call off your recognition card.

You'll desire to have got your travel coverage information. Brand certain that the medical information is translated into the primary linguistic communication of the topographic point you are going to so that non-English-speaking docs will have got no job apprehension the situation.

Know what sort of coverage is covered on your recognition card. If that is how you are using to paying for your trip. May not cover it in the state is you are going to. Be certain to cognize what coverage you have got before you leave. There are common sense travel tips. Then there are the tips that are more than along the line of "secrets.” These are the little-known tricks learned by experience. Here are some of the best of those.

The cheapest "tourist hotel" I could happen when in a vacation spot town in United Mexican States was $135. The room was spotless. I was there to travel. Negotiating room complaints is common in many countries. The fast one here is to be certain that there are other options. Most proprietors will name you back and less the price. This salvages you a batch if you are single. Hotels in the U.S. are less likely to negotiate. We have got done it. Most little concatenation motor hotels are not company-owned. So it is usually the proprietor behind the counter.

Travel is often only as inexpensive as your airplane tickets. Go to the cheapest one now - the others will be inexpensive another time. There are things you can make to maintain it cheaper. You might have got so much merriment that you'll never acquire around to doing the expensive things. Leave expensive clothes and jewelers at the hotel when you are just out for a walk. Safety fast ones are the most of import travel tips.

Friday, October 20, 2006

2-for-1 deals from APT World Discoveries on river cruises and free Europe airfares

Deals have just been released for specific departures of APT World Discoveries Europe river cruises next year. These include free return economy airfare to Europe flying Austrian Airlines and a two-for-one price for travellers.

The free airfare deal is for the March 18th 2007 departure of its 15-days Amsterdam-Budapest Magnificent Europe river cruise.

Priced from $4,345 per person twin share in outside stateroom on board the new luxury ms Amalgero, all meals, welcome dinner, cocktail reception and Captain’s Gala Dinner are inclusive.

Port charges, transfers and airfare taxes are approximately $985 extra.

The 2-for-1 offer is for the 11-days Legendary Danube which represents a saving of $2992 per couple. Departures for this offer is 5 April 07. Other charges are around $300 per person.

This tour includes a 3 night stay in Prague, seven night cruise aboard the ms Amalegro in an outside stateroom from Nuremberg to Budapest, 25 gourmet meals, cocktail reception and welcome dinner.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Travel advice given by private company

Just a year after the transportation departments of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey unveiled a Web site aimed at taking the mystery out of the region's public transit system, a private company has done the same thing.

But Marc Sellouk said his new business,, is more than just a way to navigate the complicated tri-state transportation system, it's a local business finder that not only shows you the address but also a step-by-step way to get there.

The region's DOTs unveiled in April 2005. That Web site tracks accidents, construction and delays on roads and public transportation routes throughout the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region. You can plan a transit trip throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties and into the other states on the site. went active in June of this year but is still adding communities to the service.

An attempt to plan a trip between Bridgeport and Ansonia failed on Tuesday, but a trip from Bridgeport to Katz's Delicatessen in Manhattan worked. was able to produce directions to both locations.

But a key difference was getting the Katz's Deli information from One only has to type in Katz's Deli in New York and the Web site will track down the location. Then, the user can choose to find directions to the deli. This option is not available on

A search for Japanese food in the Stratford area on was also successful, producing a list of at least five restaurants in the area.

Sellouk said that's what he wants people to be able to do, type in a name or type of business for an area and find that business.

As for the problems with plotting out a trip in Connecticut, Sellouk said the bus schedules for Connecticut are still being loaded.

"It's very complex technology," Sellouk said, adding that the Web site is still being improved.

The company plans to make money by selling advertising, Sellouk said, so the more useful the site is the more chance there is of attracting more users, which should translate into profits.

James Cameron, chairman of the Connecticut Rail Commuter Council, said he was glad to hear a private company is doing this.

"People who want to do the right thing and leave their cars behind are often stymied because they can't find their way around," Cameron said. The system of buses, subways and railroads isn't always the easiest to understand and Cameron added that more established Web sites have virtually ignored public transit and instead only offered driving directions to locations. Rob Varnon, who covers business, can be reached at 330-6216.

JetBlue inks deal with travel reservations firm

JetBlue Airways Corp. signed a deal with travel reservations system Worldspan, building on a shift in strategy that began two months ago when the airline signed deals with two travel agent systems.

The Queens-based airline had long eschewed the travel agents' networks in favor of its own Web site. But its reach was limited since JetBlue flights were "unsearchable" on various Internet travel search engines.

JetBlue signaled a change in strategy in August when it signed up with travel agent systems Sabre Travel Network and Gallileo.

Those deals gave thousands of travel agents on those networks access to JetBlue's inventory for the first time. With the addition of the Worldspan, JetBlue now has 85% of the North American market covered.

The agreements come at a time when JetBlue is furiously expanding its route map.

"We've added smaller markets like Columbus and Raleigh-Durham, which really cater only to business travelers -- and we wanted to make our systems available to corporate travel coordinators," said JetBlue spokesman Bryan Baldwin.

It also means that customers who rely on the last-minute ease of the JetBlue Web site may be out of luck -- with all those travel agents in play, tickets are disappearing faster.

But the company took pains to say the best deals are still found on the JetBlue Web site since the travel distribution systems charge fees that increase ticket prices.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Best time to Europe travel

When planning your trip to Europe, just check out your coming, departure date and find out if they take in to peak period, off peak or shoulder travel periods. Peak periods are the periods when maximum of people travel around the world. These peak dates normally match with school holidays, New Year and Christmas.

The planned date varies from country to country where you are flying. If you travel there in the peak periods, flights and accommodation will be heavily booked and everything is going to be very expensive. The peak period is normally from December to January and June to august end. Traveling during the Christmas is going to be very costly as you are going to be overcharged for everything like tickets, hotels etc.

The "shoulder period" is in spring and autumn and the low or "off-peak" periods are usually in the remaining months and in the winter. If you have very little time to travel to Europe, best time for you will be during the shoulder period. At that time you are going to get everything cheaply and going to get the great conditions.

And you much time to travel, travel Europe in the low season when the fares are cheap so you can stay there for long with the money you are going to spend on your Europe travel. Start checking for the airfares and hotels etc 3 to 4 months before you travel Europe. Some airlines give you the rewards on early bookings. So book your hotel according to your arrival and departure dates.

It is always good to check the latest condition about the country you are visiting minutes before traveling. For most seasoned travelers, the best time to see Europe is from April to June and September to October when the weather is still warm, the holiday crowds have left and accommodation and transport are regularly priced.