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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Turtle VS The Eagle

Summer clip is merriment at the beach time. Nothing is more than restful than sun bathing surf-side. Getting there is an altogether different story. If you're traveling from Manhattan, whether you're headed to the edification of the sand dunes of Long Island or the heat of the farinaceous beaches of the Jersey shore, you'd lose the race to a turtle. Unless, of course, you were an Eagle.

Although you probably can't turn wings, you definitely can charter a chopper which will have got the same effect, minus the feathers. Helicopters are safe and convenient and with three heliports in Manhattan and tons throughout the shore areas, they are a great manner to pass more than clip on the beach and less clip on the road. There are respective different types of choppers to take from, all of which will function you well. The difference is in rate, airspeed and size.

The most basic theoretical account is a Bell Jet Ranger, capable of carrying a airplane pilot plus three riders at a velocity of around 100 mph. It's wish the athletics auto of helicopters, little and zippy. A trip from the Occident 30th Street heliport in Manhattan to Belmar, New Jersey would be around $2,000 and would take under 45 minutes. The adjacent measure up is an A-Star.

If a Jet Texas Ranger is like a athletics car, an Type A Star is like a Mercedes sedan, comfy and reliable. Look down on traffic or bask the breath-taking positions from high above while the airplane pilot transports up to five riders to any finish at velocities of around 120 mph. A flight from the East 34th Street Heliport to The Hamptons will take under 45 proceedings and would be around $3,000.

If the Rolls Royce of choppers is what you seek, a Igor Sikorsky SK-76 is the drive for you. By far the most epicurean helicopter, a Igor Sikorsky supplies true cabin social class comfortableness for six to eight passengers. Flight at velocities approaching 180 mph, the super-quiet cabin supplies complete clime control, duplicate jet plane engines and a two-pilot crew. A Igor Sikorsky will acquire you to where you desire to travel faster and in greater comfortableness but that velocity and comfortableness come ups at a price. A flight from Wall Street Heliport to Atlantic Ocean City will only take about an hr but it will run you around $8,000.

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