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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Aircraft Portable Oxygen System

One of the very basic primary needs is to breathe completely and freely. Any blockage in the respiratory system can not only cause discomfort but also lead to restricted movements. But through advancement in technology and effective light compact systems of portable oxygen are available that give you freedom to travel. Many companies provide aircraft portable oxygen system, which are lightweight and compact.

Currently, the respiratory homecare industry has brought relief to the patients of oxygen therapy with the approval of FAA, portable oxygen concentrators have brought about a revolution the travel industry. Millions of potential travelers who were confined to the homes due to traditional oxygen therapy methods can now break the bondages and fly freely with concentrator from Inogen One and other related company products.

Usually chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases patients may though live a normal life but oxygen therapy is needed. COPD is a disease in which the lung damage is done due to smoking and other exposure to dust and chemicals. These diseases are chronic bronchitis and emphysema which narrow the air passages and scar the lung tissues, causing breathlessness and wheezing. With aircraft portable oxygen system that is now being allowed on board has given them chance to travel better.

Unlike conventional oxygen therapy means of heavy oxygen tanks and need to store oxygen in pressurized cylinders have given way to Inogen One concentrators .These not only filter the nitrogen from the air but also deliver oxygen therapy to the patient. While traveling also they can be slid under the airline's passenger seat and weigh less than 10 pounds.

The inogen one can be run on batteries or plugged into a wall charging unit. They have been designed so that they do not interfere with the aircraft procedures during takeoff, in air and landings. As they are silent they do not cause any disturbance for the other passengers, making the trip for oxygen dependent patients comfortable and safe.

Earlier not only was carrying oxygen supply on board aircraft expensive but also difficult to arrange and worrisome. Laws relating to oxygen on board were difficult to manipulate and airlines did not rent out cylinders. It required prior assistance with health workers and airlines personnel to ensure uninterrupted supply of oxygen to the individual.
But now it is as convenient as anyone else traveling on board.

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