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Monday, January 22, 2007

Looking For The Best Honeymoon Locations?

By Vernon Wells

People are always asking me which are the best honeymoon locations as if I could narrow it down to a list of the top 10. just because I run several vacations websites, everyone assumes that I will know what fits their taste the best. The fact is that there are romantic destinations all over the world. Almost every country on earth has some of the best honeymoon vacation spots somewhere. It is simply a matter of taste.

For example, if you are a fan of luxury, the best honeymoon locations are the ones with the best hotels. There are bed and breakfasts, five-star hotel packages, cruise ships – the list goes on and on. Some people even think that the best honeymoon location is a luxury spa. A lot of the time, when my clients are looking for luxury, I simply recommend a hot spring. Many of these places will pamper you and spoil your rotten. They will provide massages, free gourmet meals each day, and the opportunity to sit around and soak up the mineral water for hours and hours. Some of them even have classes in yoga on the premises.

Of course, the best honeymoon locations for the adventurous sort are quite different. Do you wants to climb a mountain? Do you want to sail on the ocean? If you plan it out right, you might even be able to take a trip to the Arctic. I do not understand this mindset, but I certainly do cater to it. For the adventurous, athletic, young couple, the best honeymoon locations are places far outside the comforts of the modern world. More and more people take their honeymoons in places where survival is by no means certain. I guess it just goes to show you, different people have different tastes.

By far the most common choices for the best honeymoon locations are the romantic cities of the world. People want to take their honeymoons in Paris, in Rome, or on the Spanish Riviera. These cities are all among the best honeymoon destinations. They offer everything. They have luxury accommodations, great sightseeing, the opportunity to experience a foreign culture, and a touch of adventure. I think all around, they are the best honeymoon locations that there are. Most people do not get to take trips around the world very often, so when they do do they want to do it right. Traveling around Europe is just the thing to start a marriage off on the right foot.

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