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Friday, March 09, 2007

The Grand Canyon SkyWalk is Ready!!!

Hey, I visited Grand Canyon last year - Nov - concluding my trip to Vegas. Took the air, helicopter trip over the to the Hualapai reservation - part of the privately held Grand Canyon - owned by the Indian Tribe. The tribesmen were really pissed with the project - thought it would never really complete - it was already 18 months since it started and some pissed that other tour attractions were going to take a hit. The walkway was lying around gathering dust while some work was going on around the canyon edges. Did see the steel cubes and steel logs which I understand now were meant to roll the walkway over. The Skywalk is about 70 feet over the rim and close to 4,000 feet over the canyon floor and some million odd pounds- designed to withstand 150 mph winds. They told that is has some shock absorbers to keep the walkway from wobbling as people walk through. It would be scary to walk over the canyon if the damn thing wobbles. It is certainly going to be a great sight - getting completed today. Hope it brings some riches to the empoverished Indian tribes in the region.


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