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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Playa Tambor: A Place Rich In Bio-Diversity

By Tom Lara

Tambor is a lovely small village situated in the valley of a large and calm horseshoe bay: the Bahia Ballena which means whale bay in English. This place is a gateway to the legendary beaches and breaks of Malpais, Montezuma, Santa Teresa, Playa Cocalito, the Cabo Blanco and Curu Nature Reserves. This colorful place is hugely popular among settlers and tourists. The demand for Costa Rica lots, Costa Rica villas has gone soaring high.

Playa Tambor is rich in biodiversity and diverse habitats. The valley of Tambor is cradled by lush forested hills which belong to the Biological corridor in Costa Rica. The northern side of the bay is close to the Curu Wildlife Reserve which protects various ecological habitats with a wealth of wildlife. It is fronted by the Islas Tortugas, a tropical island paradise which can be visited by boat from Tambor.

Tambor is easily accessible. This place is at a distance of 220 km from San Jose and it can be reached within 4 hours and 30 minutes by driving and 28 minutes by flying. Tambor is a perfect holiday destination for families with kids. The beach is comfortably accessed with a car and shaded by old almendro trees and palms. Low tide produces a broad expanse of fine sand which easily accommodates teams of volleyball and soccer along with children building sand castles and couples on their honeymoon. Hotels in Tambor are often Oceanside or within easy walking distance to the beach. This place is very small and has preserved a somnolent, laid-back atmosphere. If you own here Costa Rica lots, Costa Rica villas, you can feel the cool ambience of this scenic place at each and every spot.

However, four kilometers north of the village of Tambor is Costa Rica's first and only all-inclusive resort, which nowadays many tourists might mistake for Tambor. The hotel also contains a casino and discotheque and an associated country club offers a golf course. Tambor also hosts the only airport of the whole Southern Nicoya Peninsula, which serves several flights per day to Costa Rica's capital San Jose.

Soak in the magic of this place by having wonderful Costa Rica lots, Costa Rica villas and fill your life with exciting activities. Don’t forget to treat your family with sumptuous exotic cuisine when you are at this place.

Tambor – A majestic place loaded with fun and joy that is more than enough to cherish forever.

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