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Monday, March 19, 2007

Machu Picchu Peru - Home Of Gods

Many times we have listened of machu pichu peru, who have visited it will they give testimony and they have been amazed of the prowess of this indigenous people of the Andes that with their work, effort and patience, were able to live in the skies.

Peruvian cultural patrimony has its beginning in the wonderful Andean civilizations, which flourished previous to the Spaniards' appearance. Peru's archaeological treasures such as machu picchu are evidence of many significant achievements similar to those of other great civilizations.

At the present time, different musical expressions, dances and songs, folkloric festivities (religious or not), arts and crafts, gastronomy and other activities (that varies according to different regions) are important expressions of Peruvian and Latin-American cultural heritage.

Peru was the cradle of the Inca empire, and later the seat of the Viceroyalty of Peru which had jurisdiction over all of Spanish South America with Cusco Peru the most important and capital city. It is the home of many indigenous ethnic groups. Popular celebrations are the product of every town's traditions and legends. These celebrations gather music, dances, meals and typical drinks. In addition to the religious celebrations like Christmas, Corpus Christi or Holy Week, there are others that express the syncretism of the indigenous peoples' beliefs with the Christians'. An example of this kind of celebration is the Alasitas (an Aymara word that, according to some studious people, would mean «buy me») that combines a crafts and miniatures fair with dances, meals and a mass.

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