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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Save Time Using Charter Flights

High-powered business executives know that their time is worth much money to their company. There are only so many hours in the day, and you have to be focused to spend them in the most profitable ways. One way you can save time in terms of required business travel is to choose a plane charter the next time you need to fly.

If you travel using commercial airlines, then you know what a waste of time it can be. You need to arrive at the airport hours before your flight takes off. After searching for parking, you often wind up far from the terminal and then need to track down a ride. After all that, your time is spent waiting in long lines for security clearances and boarding. You do not have time for this, so instead consider putting your valuable time to better use when you take charter flights.

The luxury charter flight experience begins in the comfort of your home or office. You simply make one phone call, and your personal air concierge will handle all of the specifics concerning your travel arrangements. You tell the concierge what you require, and he or she will make sure that everything is ready when you are. Within four hours of your phone call, we can have you up and in the air flying to any destination of your choosing.

One time-saving aspect of air charter is that you do not need to arrive hours early. You arrive before the flight, and a member of your personal flight crew escorts you to your private jet. It's that simple.

If you need to work while in-flight, we can accommodate any additional help you may require. We have quality secretarial, legal, accounting, and technical personnel standing by and ready to help you prepare for your next big deal at the end of your journey, so that your time is maximized.

In order to be ready for an important meeting, you may need to also relax as you travel. If you don't take care of yourself, you might not be in top form when it counts for a presentation or meeting, so it pays to rejuvenate when possible. Your flight can be a great time to luxuriate in five-star cuisine, of any variety of your choosing, which can also conform to any religious or liquor requirements. Nannies, hairdressers, and masseuses, as well as other assistants, can help make sure your travel time is well-spent, and help you relax before your important event.

No matter where you wish to travel, with whom, or what you require, it can all be handled with elegant ease by utilizing air charter, saving you precious time.

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