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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Parking at Cardiff Airport – Frequent Traveller Tips

As a businessman I frequently fly out of Cardiff. The airport solely operates from one terminal. This means that when you want to park your car at one of the available car parks you not have to consider from which terminal your flight departs. Most of the parking sites I used already for dozens of times and as an experienced traveller I know exactly which company provides the best services. I hope you can use some of my advice and who knows maybe it will make your future travels a little bit more relaxed.

These days, I always book my parking service in advance through the internet. It is definitely the best means of saving yourself some time so you do not have to rush getting through security and customs. In addition, online booking will often save you a couple of pounds too and we all know airport parking a rather costly service.

The majority of the available Cardiff parking agencies provide a fairly standard level of service. Similar standards of service and security are available almost everywhere you go. Most of the car parks only vary in their fee and situation. I always base the choice I make on how much they charge and how much time I have.

If you have never parked your car at Cardiff airport before and you don't know what service to choose, below I mention a few companies which run excellent parking sites with a satisfactory service.

NCP operates the long duration parking service at Cardiff airport which is ideally located right on the other side of the terminal building. Certain sections of the facility are within walking distance of the terminal. However, during the summer there is a transport service available which is operational every five minutes. The duration of the trip to the terminal lasts only five minutes.

Also recommendable is Cardiff Airparks Services. This well-established and reputed company is located within a short distance from the terminal as well and offers a free transportation service which is available around the clock each day of the week. Fees are reasonable.

Last but not least there is The Highwayman. Their parking site is situated at the end of Cardiff airport's runway and is run by a local family. The facility has nine years of experience and is excellently secured ensuring you absolute piece of mind regarding your car's safety while you are travelling.

Over the past years I've tried a number of other methods, but my conclusion is that these internet airport car parking booking services mentioned below provide the most simple and fastest way of making your suitable parking arrangements at Cardiff. I travel about thrice a month out of Cardiff and have tried these excellent services several times. I really recommend pre-booking parking online as it saves you a great deal of time and it's hassle-free.



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Recently, Airparks were the subject of an investigation and much media coverage when it was discovered that the company moved cars from their car park to a nearby quarry for storage. Photographs showed cars left with their keys in the door. This link from a Cardiff newspaper describes the situation.

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