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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Red Rock Canyon - Las Vegas Sightseeing

While there are many places called "Red Rock," this place, Red Rock
Canyon, is an extraordinary, wonderful National Conservation Area,
located just 10 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada. What a delightful way
to add to a Las Vegas sightseeing trip or vacation! Whether you visit Calico Hills,
Lost Creek Canyon or Spring Canyon, all within Red Rock Canyon National
Conservation Area, you're certain to witness unusual beauty in a Las
Vegas that most don't ever bother to take the time to see.

The Conservation area is made up of a number of features and natural
rockscapes. Amongst the most popular tours, the Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon tour features are these highlights:

The view from Calico Hills is worth the drive itself. It also doubles as
a good rock climbing possibility in that it's made of eroded red
sandstone. There are outlooks and designated trails as well. Looking out
at Las Vegas and its casinos from this lofty perch lends one a real
perspective on the place. You can see the Calico Basin, which is a very
pretty vista, and enjoy the relative solitude.

Lost Creek Canyon is the largest of the canyons and runs through the
cliffs. There's a 20 mile dirt road along the stream that runs through
colorful rock formations, and into Pahrump. The journey itself is a
destination, and Lost Creek Canyon makes for a worthy trip.

Spring Canyon is home to a large waterfall that runs more reliably in
the winter and monsoon months. There is a year-round section of the
creek, and it makes for a pleasant destination and a nice spot to have
an afternoon lunch.

None of these are truly strenuous and none need special mountaineering
equipment to visit, but if you should decide to scale the heights, make
sure you have proper training, equipment, etc., and take proper safety

Like any desert location, there are many hidden beauties. Reptiles and
insects are beautiful and mostly harmless, but there are the exceptions
in desert rocky regions, so due caution is advised while investigating
and exploring places with nitches, nooks and crannies. So long as you're
mindful of these, you'll find exploring the desert life an exciting and
enlightening adventure. There are plants and animals all over the
desert, once you figure out where to look.

Proud and colorful, visitors to Red Rock Canyon have long enjoyed the
monolith and its canyons; A peaceful option to the lights and slot
machines of Las Vegas, this national treasure has delighted visitors
since the city's birth. Make a point of adding it to your itinerary next
time you visit the snowcapped Sin City.

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